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Constructed by: HajarRahman
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Heart Talk July 15 part 2 : Beautiful Man

I wanted to write about you.
But no words can do it justice. 
You are too beautiful for any words to describe. 
But here I am, trying anyway. 

I gazed at you, 
While you're busy chattering away about the things I couldn't care less. 
Drinking in every single features of you. 
Your perfectly shaped eyebrows. 
Your beautiful long lashes. 
Your eyes. 
And how they crinkle when you smile. 
The shape of your nose. 
Your lips, dark from the years of smoking. 
And those beauty marks on your right cheek and the corner of your lips. 
The tiny stubble on your chin. 
Your imperfect teeth. 
I took them all in. 
Thinking, "My goodness, this man is beautiful". 

I thought of the way you smile when you first saw me. 
The way you treat me. 
The way you hold me. 
The way you kiss my hands. 
The way you caress my cheeks. 
The way you kiss my head. 
With such gentleness. 
With such tenderness.
With so much love. 
And I can't help but fall in love with you all over again. 

Your 'I love you', though inaudible, 
I swear, made my heart skipped a beat. 
You left me speechless,
Thinking how lucky I am. 
What did I do to deserve you? 

You were nervous, flustered, sweaty-palms and all. 
Afraid of the date being a disaster. 
But really, I was having the time of my life. 
You tried hard to impress me. 
But all I wanted was to spend the time with you,
Wherever we are, lost or not. 

And you tried to change my mind about you. 
Telling me how you're a bad person.
Telling me how much you flawed. 
But honey, I love you, flaws and all. 
And you are more than perfect to me. 
You're my angel, my saving grace. 

Forget your past. 
Just be with me now, 
And let us build a future together. 
Because it's all about you and I now. 
And no matter how hard things get, 
I will never leave your side.

I know the future is uncertain,
But right now, I'm in love with you
And you're mine.
And we're together.
That's all that matters. 

See? I suck at this.